Decr.Lgs Privacy n.196/2003

IRO s.r.l.

Please be informed that Privacy Legislative Decree No. 196 dated June 30th 2003 is a Code meant to protect Personal Data of persons and other legal entities; according to the quoted Decree, Personal Data will be processed on the basis of principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and utmost safeguard of your privacy and your rights.
We (IRO s.r.l.) inform you that in order to establish/continue a relationship with you we are/will enter into possession of your Personal Data. Therefore, in compliance with Art.13 of the before mentioned Decree 196/03, we inform you as follows:

  • all supplied Data will be dealt according to the contractual exigencies and its resulting performances mainly aiming to an efficient:
    1. fulfilment of obligations by Law as to civil, fiscal and accounting regulations;
    2. administrative management;
    3. fulfilment of obligations foreseen by contract;
    4. file storage management;
    5. mail and faxes management;
  • data processing and storage will be carried out by using  electronic devices and/or paper hardcopies by respecting those procedures aiming to grant integrity, safety and privacy;
  • supplying your data is mandatory in order to fulfil all obligations by Law and/or contract; in case of refusal to supply your data then it will not be possible to establish/continue this relationship; any outcome arising from the missed supplying of your data and not related to obligations by Law or by contract will be evaluated at each time by us directly;
  • apart from the Data management that will be carried out to fulfil all obligations by Law, the same Data may be transmitted to third parties acting in our account;
  • Holder of your data is:
IRO s.r.l.
Registered address:
Via Lazzaretto, 25/27
23848 Oggiono (Lc) - Italy
- in the name of the owner;
  • IRO s.r.l. is responsible of your data as well
  • your data will be hold and managed for the length of the whole relationship through until a later stage necessary for the fulfilment of all obligations foreseen by the law;
  • you can excercise your rights in the matter of your data management according to Art.7 of Decree 196/2003 by giving communication in writing to the holder of your data.
Decree No.196/2003

Art.7 – right to access to Personal Data and other rights
  1. The person concerned has the right to obtain confirmation about the existence or non-existence of his Personal Data (even if they have not been registered yet) and to get their communication in an understandable form.
  2. The person concerned has the right to obtain information about:
    1. the origin of the personal data;
    2. the purposes and the ways they will be dealt with;
    3. the logic applied in case of treatment with electronic means;
    4. the holder’s identification data, the responsible persons and the representative that has been nominated in compliance with Art.5, subsection 2;
    5. the recipients or categories of recipients to whom these data may be transmitted or that may get to know them because of their position of: nominated representative within the State area, responsible persons or appointees.
  3. The person concerned has the right to get:
    1. update, correction and/or addition of his Personal Data;
    2. cancellation, change to an anonymous form or the interdiction to use the data because of a violation of law occurred. This includes all data which are not to be compulsory stored/managed in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected and then stored/managed;
    3. statement that the actions as to letters a) and b) (including their contents) have been duly brought to attention of those subjects to whom these data have been transmitted or released, with exception of the specific situation when such a fulfilment turns out to be impossible to be carried out or it requires an effective disproportionate effort in relation to the right to be protected.
  4. The person concerned has the right to totally or partially take position against:
    1. because of legitimate reasons pertaining to his data management, although within the aim of data collection;
    2. the management of his personal data in relation to mailing of advertising material or direct sale or the accomplishment of market researches or commercial information.